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I founded and co-founded a couple of companies: Redington and mallowstreet; I write about issues of the day that touch me and make me think. Mostly about how to make things better.

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Five Tests. Does Your Firm Have An Effective Social Media Strategy?

  1. If I ask a random selection of your firm’s clients whether your firm has a social media strategy and they say: “Er, I’m not sure” or “Hmm, No idea”, then you don’t have one. By definition.


  1. When I ask why you believe your firm has a social media strategy, you say: “We’re on Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook”. That just means you have signed up to Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook. Not much else. Here are some litmus questions:


  • What percentage of your firm’s tweets are originalcontent? (That means YOUR stuff, home baked, organic home grown ingredients not Retweeted Stuff from the twitter supermarket.) 50% is good, 60% is better. 10% is BAD.
  • When did you last respond to a client’s tweeted concerns or observations about your firm on FB? Within half an hour? Once a month? Never?
  • Is your Facebook page packed full of crisp, fresh, vibrant, engaging and intelligent material? Or has it been sitting there for six months, neglected, stale, one size fits all, floppy, dry and turned up at the corners?
  • What does The TwitCleanersay about your firm’s Twitter profile?


  1. When your company launches a New Killer Product, receives a hard won industry award, makes a great new hire, or posts Amazing Results, do you run fast to your fully fuelled, four wheel drive social media vehicles and personally inform your firm’s thriving, eager fan base? Or is that kind of behaviour just Not Your Thing and – dare I suggest it – The Big News never actually makes it into your SM newsfeed?


  1. How would you rate the success of your firm’s social media strategy, Out of 10? Eight or Nine is acceptable, whilst Four or Five means you’re a paid up member of the gym but you never go and you’re still eating the pies. It’s not rocket science. GO TO THE GYM AND STOP EATING THE PIES!


  1. If you run the firm, run a division, run a team or run anything, but proudly and wisely proclaim:

No, I’m not  on Facebook or Twitter or Mallowstreet and I think LinkedIn is for people who need to change jobs

then you are part of the reason your firm doesn’t have an effective social media strategy and, what’s more, you are missing out on the most insanely powerful communications platforms in history.


Run – don’t walk! – to someone who can help you set up your Twitter account (it takes a couple of minutes). Rapidly make some key connections on LinkedIn. Write a blog today. Answer a question in an online forum. Have coffee with the folk you ARE connected to.


I know what you’re thinking.


Just FIND the time!


I promise, you’ll be amazed.


Love to get your thoughts

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