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I founded and co-founded a couple of companies: Redington and mallowstreet; I write about issues of the day that touch me and make me think. Mostly about how to make things better.

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Mallowstreet: Social Media for the Pensions Industry!

Social Media means different things to different people, but one point is unarguable.


It allows YOU (yes, you!) to publish your Must Know info, connect with other Ninjas, and share your Change the Game ideas more effectively than any invention in history!


If that doesn’t set your hair on fire, I don’t know what will. Just think about it! Whatever you care about is near and dear to the hearts of lots of other people. And your thoughts and opinions matter to them.


I’m not talking about sharing the fact that you had jam and granary toast for breakfast or how long it took you to get into work this morning (no-one cares) but about the stuff that really matters.


And whilst I’m not going to guess what that might be, I’m dead certain your views and ideas, your moments of pure Kung Fu genius, matter to other people, and their opinions will in return mean something to you.


“Social Media” comes in many shapes and guises. Facebook, then, is for the entire world to connect (almost through the billion mark); LinkedIn allows the worldwide professional community to bond (around 160 million).


On the other hand, Mallowstreet is private and exclusively created for the pensions industry; as such, it has a more intimate feel. Like a small dinner party where you might share (even with fellow guests, newly met ) points of view and observations you wouldn’t necessarily announce in the school car park or shout about in a crowded restaurant.

Anyway, here’s a short prezi about Mallowstreet. Just click to play:


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