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I founded and co-founded a couple of companies: Redington and mallowstreet; now I have launched a global initiative, Partnership for Change, which is working to improve healthcare, long term care, pensions & savings and technology for a rapidly ageing population. I write about issues of the day that touch me and make me think. Mostly about how to make things better.

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Where The Magic Happens!


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When I caught that flight to Accra with my heart surgeon friend, Nick Ossei-Gerning, I had no idea that just ten days later, so many people would commit to the cause and say:

I’m here to help in any way I can!

You have to be brave to step out into the unknown. Most people don’t have what it takes. It’s uncomfortable moving outside your comfort zone.

But that’s where the magic happens!

Where the Magic Happens

Do you want to see a billion people get access to basic cardio-diagnostic facilities one day? Starting in Ghana, would you like Sub-Saharan Africa to conquer the World’s Biggest Killer? Does that sound impossible? It is! Unless people like you and me walk out of the small circle on the right, across the fear and the wide empty space, into the big circle on the left. The place where the magic happens. That’s hard to do, but some people are already doing it. Signing up to the Big Hairy Audacious Goal; the BHAG! (pronounced Bee-Hag!) 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 19.58.11

Does that picture make your heart beat faster? It does mine! And David’s and his wife Pamela’s, and Nick’s.

At the end of my last blog, I said something like:

If you want to make a change, sign up to do that. Say to yourself:

“I want to help make things change and I am going to play my part because I don’t want millions more people to die of untreated coronary heart disease. Enough is enough!”

Amazingly, a long line of brave intrepid people are making that walk from the Small Comfortable Circle out into the big one. The one Where The Magic Happens!

People who signed up spoke with deep Emotion:

  • My father died of cardiac arrest on 1 Jan 2016 following an earlier collapse while conducting a church service. I’m told he had some sort of arrhythmia. I know there was no defibrillator in the hospital room when he died, so I keep asking myself, what if there was one that night? Since then I have been deliberating on what I could do in Ghana to help save another family from this tragedy. I have looked at the cost of defibrillators here in the UK and if/how/when I could perhaps raise funds to buy a few and donate to hospitals in villages etc. The other aspect will be training on how to use the equipment and incentives for these not to be stolen etc. Your story in your earlier blog drove home my above point and hence I would like to help in any way, even if it is offering a few pounds to your cause.

They spoke with unconstrained Commitment:

  • I am a final year medical student at Korle-Bu Hospital in Accra. I was greatly touched by the story. I would like to help out in any way by volunteering. This seems to be one of the really undiagnosed areas in medical care and only God knows the number of lives that have already been lost to it.

They spoke with Understanding

  • I was moved by the story as inevitably it could have been me, a member of my family or indeed a close friend which is what it was in this particular situation. Potentially, the story could have been different if not for the network David had, every life matters. So therefore I cannot keep still but have to register my interest and to contribute either financially or otherwise to help this cause. 

They spoke with Passion:

  • I love the Big Hairy Audacious Goal! Keep on keeping on. We will support the dream.

and they spoke with new Purpose

  • Having grown-up in India, acutely aware of life struggles to even get the basic amenities. Privileged to be where I am – socially, financially , geographically, and in a lot of other ways. Want to start living a life which is of value to less fortunate ones.
  • I am a 5th year medical student, University of Ghana. It’s because of stories like this that makes me want to be a doctor. I like the risk,the adrenaline rush, the drama and the suspense of the story. That’s what makes you guys legends. Ordinary sucks, I don’t want that. I want something phenomenal, point break, uncustomary, mind blowing…that’s what makes me feel alive and I know my purpose lies in there somewhere.

I love those heartfelt statements of intent: “I would like to make a difference. It doesn’t have “to be the way it is”!” As more than one person wrote: “Let’s do this thing!

If you are wondering who they are, the future builders of a better world, this is the HeartBeat! List so far – and it is growing fast:

  • David Okai
  • Pamela Okai
  • Nicholas Ossei-Gerning
  • Naana Halm
  • Saratu Atta
  • Reynold Quartey
  • Hoffmann Lartey
  • Jackie Owusu McKenzi
  • Ivy Emefah King
  • Charles Okai
  • Stephanie Atekpe
  • Mansa Nettey
  • John Nettey
  • Harry Wood
  • Enoch Anaglate
  • Theresa Darkwa
  • Derin Olayinka
  • Richard Anim
  • Dr. James Akpablie
  • Tessa Abatey
  • Maureen Villars
  • Thomas Senya
  • Frances Adjepon-Yamoah
  • Patience Ami Mamattah
  • Claudia Igbrude
  • Oppong Ofori
  • Azitariga Atinganma Talata Helen
  • Gloria A Frimpong
  • Nanayaa Konadu Gyimah
  • Bridget Otoo
  • Marc Dzradosi
  • Sunday Leonard
  • Michael Oti
  • Irene Ackuaku
  • Laura Eyi
  • Anna Armo-Himbson
  • Emmanuel Nii Aryee Quaye
  • Nana Asiamah
  • Myra Ankrah
  • Ian Pascal
  • Andy Olotu
  • Lola Bejide
  • Derek Nii Armah Aryee
  • Nana Akwasi Awuah
  • Kofi Amo-Kodieh
  • Hardik Desai
  • Selasi Mawuena Amegashie
  • Francis Segbefia
  • Yaw Ankra-Badu
  • Kwame Pobee
  • Dr Radha Hackman
  • Oscar Dudicorff Kwabla Azameti
  • Kojo Abedi
  • Sabato Kwabena
  • Nana Badu
  • Dr. Bertha Ayi
  • Mamle Kpene
  • Dr. Adofo Emmanuel
  • Ernest Owusu-Afari
  • Franka-Maria Andoh
  • Asha
  • Nana Dadzie Ghansah MD
  • Ayowa Afrifa
  • Zion Ekundare
  • Nii Odoi Brown
  • Caleb Ayiku
  • Reginald Dela Agblevor
  • Nathalie Sims
  • Anthonia Irukwu
  • Akosua Adomako Ampofo
  • Asere Teiko Tagoe
  • Alex Owoo
  • Adrian Oddoye
  • Jimmy Allotey
  • Hassan Asmal
  • Margaret Asante-Danso
  • Ofori Duodu
  • Sara Odamtten
  • Cynthia Bulley
  • Elisabeth Prah
  • Kwame Panyin Essuman
  • Adeniyi Olufemi Molajo
  • Selasie Oteng
  • Martha Fillastre
  • Nana Amma Twum-Danso
  • Reggie Tachie-Menson
  • Robert Totoe
  • Eunice Shang-Simpson
  • Irene Ayebea Safori
  • Constance Whittaker
  • Antoinette Johnson
  • Sedo Tamakloe

So This Is a Request: Please join The #HeartBeatGhana List to Make Lasting Change

If you would like to join The #HeartBeatGhana List, just sign up! I promise to respond and let you know exactly how you can help. Please send it on to five people you think should sign up. Imagine the power of the List if it goes viral!

 Thank you!!


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